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On the attached pages the reader is invited to read not only a listing of our core beliefs but more on how our faith is interpreted through the 1997 article that enumerates this church’s founding principles, in “A Call to Unity: What does it mean to be Catholic ?” written by Bishop Robert Bowman; it is found in the Our Practice of Faith sub-tab in this section.

We recognize that if only one valid interpretative viewpoint on the non-essentials to Salvation were possible, the many questions that remain to divide Christians would have been resolved long ago.   We therefore reject the idea of “one, single, right answer” that some churches claim to possess.  We also reject a theology of feelings that some others promote.  Rather, the Church is to faithfully teach and witness to the truths that have been passed down from the Apostles without addition or subtraction in ways that are relevant to the people of this time and place.   This thinking is the driver that sits behind both our core descriptive document, ‘ What Does It Mean to be Catholic?’, and behind our Articles of Association page in the About Us section).  Within the space of non-essentials, our clergy and laity hold multiple views.

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