Apostolic Succession
Old Catholic Lines

1 )Antonio Cardinal Barberini (Jr)

was a nephew of Pope Urban VIII. In 1627, the Pope appointed him to be the Grand Prior of the Knights of Malta and Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1628 he was named Papal Legate to Avignon. He was consecrated  in the Ribiba Line of Succession, October 24, 1655, at the church of the novitiate of the Society of Jesus, Rome, by Giovanni Battista Scanaroli, titular bishop of Sidon, assisted by Lorenzo Gavotti, Theat, bishop of Ventimilia, and by Marcantonio Bettoni, T.O.S.F., titular bishop of Coron.  Nominated archbishop of Reims by King Louis XIV of France, June 27, 1657; confirmed by the Holy See, retaining the post of camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, July 18, 1667. Opted for the suburbicarian see of Palestrina, November 21, 1661. In 1668 in the Church of the Sorbonne, Paris, he consecrated as his co-adjutor with right of succession Charles Maurice Le Tellier, the son of the Grand Chancellor of France.


2) Charles Maurice Le Tellier, S.J.,

Duke, and son of the Grand Chancellor of France and co-adjutor with right of succession to Antoine Barberini, the Archbishop of Rheims, was consecrated 11 November 1668 at Paris, in the Church of the Sorbonne, by Antoine Cardinal Barberini, Archbishop of Reims, assisted by Pierre de Cambout de Coislin, Bishop of Orléans, and Michel Colbert de Saint-Pouange, Bishop of Macon. He in turn consecrated, in the church of the Cordeliers, Pontois, the illustrious Jacques Benigne Bossuet. (Ironic historical note: As a Jesuit Provincial and confessor to King Louis XIV of France, Le Tellier was largely responsible for writing the Papal Bul “Unigenitus” which condemned Jansenism and paved the way for the future Old Catholic Church of Utrecht).


3) Jacques Bénigne Bossuet

(The Eagle of Meaux) was consecrated Bishop of Condom 21 September 1670 at Pontoise, Church of the Cordeliers, by Charles Maurice Le Tellier, Titular Archbishop of Nazianzus and Coadjutor Archbishop of Reims, assisted by Armand de Monchy d`Hocquincourt, Bishop of Verdun, and Gabriel de Roquette, Bishop of Autun. Pope Clement X transferred him to the See of Meaux in 1671. Bossuet was a Roman Catholic predecessor of the future Old Catholic Church because he taught that the Roman Pontiff could err temporarily, but not fall into permanent error. He, in turn, with a mandate from Pope Clement X, consecrated Jacques de Goyon de Matignon in the church of Chartreuse, Paris.


4) Jacques de Goyon de Matignon,

son of Count De Thorigny, was consecrated 16 April 1673 at Paris, Church of the Carthusians, by Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, Bishop emeritus of Condom, assisted by Gui de Sève de Rochechouart, Bishop of Arras, and Louis Marie Armand de Simiane de Gorde, Bishop of Langres. He was Doyen of Lisieux and Abbe Commendataire De St. Victor, Paris. By order of Pope Clement XI, he consecrated Dominique Marie Varlet at Paris.

5) Dominique Marie Varlet

was consecrated as Bishop of Ascalon in partibus, and coadjutor to the Most Reverend Pidou of St. Odon, Bishop of Babylon, Persia in February 1719 at Paris, in the lower chapel of the Seminary of the Missions Étrangères, by Jacques de Goyon de Matignon, Bishop emeritus of Condom, assisted by Louis François Duplessis de Mornay, O.F.M., Titular Bishop of Eumenia, and Jean Baptiste Massillon, Bishop of Clermont.  Bishop Varlet consecrated four Archbishops of the Old Catholics at Utrecht (Oud Katholicke Kerk van Nederland), three of whom died without consecrating successors. In response to the appeals of the Chapter of the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht, he consecrated Petrus Johannes Meindaerts.


6) Petrus Johannes Meindaerts

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht in 1739. He had been one of several priests ordained in Ireland by Luke Fagan, Bishop of Meath, afterwards Archbishop of Dublin, with the view of sustaining the independence of the ancient Church of the Netherlands, founded by St. Willibrord in the VII Century. By his consecration to the Episcopate, the succession of the Old Catholic Church in Holland has been perpetuated. Archbishop Meindaerts consecrated Johnnes van Stiphout.


7) Johannes Van Stiphout

was consecrated as Bishop of Haarlem by Petrus Johannes Meindaerts 11th of July, 1745. He, in turn, consecrated:


8) Gualtherus Michael Van Nieuwenhuisen

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht February 7th, 1768 by Johannes Van Stiphout. The new Archbishop received letters of Communion from Germany, France, Italy and Spain who recognized that the claims to canonical jurisdiction of the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht were sound, and her doctrine orthodox. He consecrated Adrianus Johannes Broekman.


9) Adrianus Johannes Broekman

was consecrated as Bishop of Haarlem June 21st, 1778 by Gualtherus Michael Van Nieuwenhuisen. He consecrated Johannes Jacobus van Rhijin.


10) Johannes Jacobus van Rhijin

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht July 5th., 1805. He consecrated Gilbertus de Jong.


11) Gilbertus de Jong

was consecrated Bishop of Deventer November 7th 1805 just after the formation of the Batavian Republic by the Emperor Napoleon I. He then consecrated Willibrordus van Os.

12) Willibrordus van Os

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht April 24th 1814. He consecrated Johannes Bon.


13) Johannes Bon

was consecrated Bishop of Haarlem April 22nd 1819. Bishop Bon was the first Bishop of the autocephalous Dutch succession not to be excommunicated by Rome. In 1827 the King of the Netherlands to the See of Bruges nominated him without objection from Rome. He consecrated Johannes van Santen.


14) Johannes van Santen

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht June 14th 1825. He consecrated Hermann Johannes Heykamp.


15) Hermann Johannes Heykamp

was consecrated as Bishop of Deventer on July 17, 1853 (or 1854). He became Bishop of Utrecht in 1875. Heykamp consecrated Casparus Johannes Rinkel.


16) Casparus Johannes Rinkel 

was consecrated Bishop of Haarlem August 11th 1873. This is the first time that the formal proofs of election were read during the Mass of Consecration rather than a Papal mandate. It is also the first time that a new Bishop of the autocephalous Dutch succession did not notify Rome of his consecration. Bishop Rinkel consecrated Gerardus Gul.


17) Gerardus Gul

was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht May 11th 1892. Bishop Gul consecrated Henricus Johannes Theodorus van Vlijmen and Arnold Harris Mathew. (Note: Archbishop Gerardus Gul of Utrecht, Holland, was the first of the Old Catholic Church line of succession). 


18) Arnold Harris Mathew

was consecrated Regionary Old Catholic Bishop for Great Britain April 28, 1908, at St. Gertrude’s Church, Utrecht by Bishop Gerardus Gul, assisted by Bishop J. J. Van Thiel of Haarlem, Bishop N. B. P. Spit of Deventer and Bishop J. Demmel of Bonn, Germany. He was elected Archbishop in 1911. Archbishop Eyre, at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, had ordained him to the Priesthood Glasgow in 1877. He came from distinguished Irish parents. He was the great-grandson of Francis Mathew, First Earl of Landaff, of Thomastown Castle, Tipperary. He consecrated Prince Rudolphe Francois Eduard Hamilton de Landas-Berghes.
(Note: Archbishop Mathew’s archdiocese was in London, England and became autocephalous)


19) Rudolphe Francois Eduard Hamilton,

Grand Duke of Lorraine-Brabant, Prince de Landas-Berghes and de Roche and Duke of St. Winnock was consecrated in 1912. He in turn consecrated Henry Carmel Carfora.


20) Henry Carmel Carfora  

was consecrated in 1916. Rene Vilatte also consecrated him in 1915, however, no historical records can be found. Carfora was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy in 1901. Carfora was elected Archbishop of the United States for all Old Catholics in 1923. The Most Reverend Henry Carmel Carfora consecrated several bishops including Francis Xavier Resch, (*)Albert Dunstan Bell, and Earl Anglin James. (Note: Archbishop Carfora had received two ordinations to the Episcopal level: The Arnold H. Matthew succession through the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht and the Joseph Rene Vilatte line of succession through the Antioch See.) 


21) Earl Anglin James

was consecrated on June 17, 1945. He consecrated Grant Timothy Billet.


22) Grant Timothy Billet

was consecrated December 25, 1950.  He consecrated Norman Richard Parr.


23) Norman Richard Parr, D.D.

was consecrated on October 23, 1979. He was Doctor of Divinity, Archbishop Patriarch of the Old Catholic Church in North America.  He consecrated Maurice Darryl McCormick.


24 & 25) Maurice Darryl McCormick

was consecrated on July 14, 1991. Bishop, Patriarch of the Agape of Jesus Independent Catholic Church, President of the American Association of Independent Catholic Bishops, Doctor in Education and Doctor of Divinity.  He consecrated Orlando Hyppolitus Lima Y Aguirre.

25) Orlando Hyppolitus Lima Y Aguirre

was consecrated June 3, 1995 in Warrensburg, NY, USA. Ph.D. and Letters, Th.D., Professor, Master Divinity, Master Education, Agricultural Sugar Chemistry Engineer, Archbishop of Florida, Cuba the Caribbean.


26) Robert M. Bowman

was consecrated April 18, 1996 for service in the United Catholic Church.