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The United Catholic Church is an endorsing jurisdiction for Chaplains.

The UCC currently has Chaplains serving in the military, VA and the prison system.  All of these ministries are in need of chaplains..  If you would like to consider serving as a chaplain, please use the contact sheet below for further information.


The UCC provides endorsement to military and VA Chaplains who serve along side those in uniform all around the world.  Currently, Chp, Major, Robert Caruso, is an active Chaplain in the US Army.

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Prison Chaplains.jfif


Prison Ministry is probably the most overlooked of Christian Ministries. Prison Chaplains are involved in every facet of Prison life from providing services, to making a final walk with death row inmates. 

Fr. Jeffery Wittig is a Chaplain in prison ministry.

Interested in Chaplaincy?
If you are interested in Military, VA, or Prison Ministry, please send and email expressing your interest 
                     +   Current religious affiliation
                     +   Training
                     +   Brief biography

send the email to

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