endorsed clergy

Rev. Dr. Peter Aduba    DMin, Josephinum, Rome, MDiv, University of Nigeria


Order: Presbyter

Ministry: On-call Hospital Chaplain, Social Activist

Rev. Terry Boyer, OSB   

Order: Bishop

Ministry: Military Chaplains, Website, Social Justice, Pastor, St. Tobias, Vancouver, WA. Abbott, Gray Robe Monks of St. Benedict

House of Bishop's Oversight: Chaplains, Social Justice, Website


Rev. Robert Caruso, Wesleyan Theological Seminary 

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Major, US Army Chaplain Corps


Deacon Bruce Cory

Order: Diaconate

Ministry: Christian Education and Social Justice


Rev. Larry Crinnin, OSB

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Nursing Home clergy support, Director of Senior Companion Program, Interfaith Works of CNY, wedding ministry, Benedictine Spirituality


Rev. Judith DeLorme-Loftus, D.Min, Seabury Western Theological

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Chaplain - Glendale Police Department; Hospice Chaplain, Sacramental Ministry in Arizona



Rev. Hollis Dodge, MDiv

Order: Bishop

Ministry: Vocations, Clergy Mentor, Pastor, St. Michael’s United Church of Christ, Bridgewater, VA; AA outreach; Christ Church (United Catholic), Staunton, VA


Rev. Elizabeth English, OSB

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Retired Pastor, Good Shepherd Independent Catholic Church; Ministry Team: Good Shepherd Community, Sacramento, and St. Michael’s Community, Loomis; Abbess, Abbey of Sts. Benedict & Scholastica


Rev. Jeffery Gallen

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Pastor, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Goodyear, AZ,

Abbot, Paz de Cristo Benedictine Community.  

Rev. Louis Gomez

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Ministry Team, Good Shepherd Community in West Sacramento, CA & Co-Pastor, St. Michael’s in Loomis, CA


Rev. Linda Jones

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Supply work for United Church of Christ


Fr. Joseph Molden

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Lt. Col, USAF Reserve Chaplain, Veterans Administration Chaplain; Dean of Chaplains

Rev. Bernardo Morales

Order: Bishop

Ministry: Pastor, Sts Fecility and Perpetua, St. Cloud, FL; Benedictine Monks of the Divine Infant Jesus, St. Cloud, Florida


Rev. Robert Mueller

Order: Bishop

Ministry, Pastor, Good Samaritan Church; wedding ministry; hospice

House of Bishops:  Communities, 


Rev. Dr. Albert Pike, OSB

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Benedictine Monastery of the Heart; ecumenical congregation at Chapel of St. Margaret of Scotland, Naples

Sacramento and Yolo County Interfaith Group Representative, and Lutheran Church Worship Assistant.

Rev. Judy Rodriguez

Order: Diaconate

Ministry: Ministry Team, Good Shepherd Community, West Sacramento and representative in the Sacramento and Yolo county Interfaith Groups Community Lutheran Church worship assistant


Rev. Rose Tressel

Order: Bishop

Ministry:  Retired Pastor, Bethany Church; Retired Chaplain Connecticut Hospice.  On-Call community and chaplain support.

House of Bishops: Administration; Governance, Church History, Church Relations

Rev. Tim Ward

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: On-Call


Rev. Jeffery Wittig

Order: Presbyter

Ministry: Prison & Jail Ministry